NBC News Confronts IVC Filter Flaws

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Yesterday, September 3, 2015, NBC Nightly News began airing a two-part news series culminating a year long investigation of the Recovery IVC Filter by C.R. Bard whose dangers have been linked to at least 27 deaths and hundreds of other injuries. One of whom is Ms. Dodi Froehlich, who suffered extensive injuries following a 2004 car accident; placing her at risk for potentially fatal blood clots. As a preventive measure, doctors implanted a Bard Recovery IVC Filter to capture blood clots, preventing further injury.

That decision would almost end her life four months later when she developed a headache and collapsed.

“In that two seconds of being in the ambulance, I started flat-lining”, Froehlich disclosed to NBC.

Doctors discovered that a piece of her IVC Filter had broken free from the super structure and pierced her heart. Luckily, Froehlich survived open heart surgery during which the broken piece was removed.

NBC News went on to recount the struggles of one Bard Recovery IVC filter patient who did not fare as well; Gloria Adams, then 55, needed a filter after a brain aneurysm in 2004. Her son Kevin Keech says “everything was fine” when she was discharged from the hospital — about a week later, she was dead.

An autopsy showed that instead of the filter stopping a clot, a clot pushed the entire device into her heart, puncturing it.

“I didn’t get many answers at that point,” her son said.

Evidence suggests Bard was aware very soon after the Recovery IVC filter hit the market that the device may have posed a risk to patients. After the problems with the Recovery Filter began, Bard hired public-relations giant Hill and Knowlton. The firm circulated a crisis management planto Bard management, warning that “unfavorable press” could damage stock prices and ruin reputations. The company also retained an outside doctor to conduct a confidential study, which was obtained by NBC News.

The consultant found the Recovery filter had higher rates of relative risk for death, filter fracture and movement than all its competitors.

In lieu of recalling the Recovery IVC filter, Bard modified the design, and re-released it as the G2 IVC filter. According to estimates, nearly 250,000 patients are implanted with IVC filters as an alternative to anticoagulant medications. They are currently sold by eleven companies in the United States.

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