You Can Earn a Reward for Turning in Fraud

Earn a Reward for Turning in Fraud

Here at Arentz Law Group, P.C. our goal is to ensure that justice is served.  We understand that individuals are often not able to navigate the complicated legal system, and they need an advocate that can be their voice when turning in fraud.  Whether turning in fraud, fighting against a pharmaceutical company that produces dangerous drugs, or initiating a lawsuit on behalf of the federal government, we are your source for legal help.

As a Whistleblower, You Can Earn a Monetary Reward

What is Qui Tam, or Whistleblowing?

Can I get Fired for Being a Whistleblower?

The Nursing Home I Work for Is Overcharging

My Employer is Inflating His Government Contracts

How do I Recognize Medicaid Fraud?

Is there a lot of Fraud in the Department of Defense?

How long does a Whistleblower Case Take?

Arentz Law can Help with Your Whistleblower Lawsuit

As a Whistleblower, You Can Earn a Monetary Reward

From the time we were in grade school we have been taught that we shouldn’t tattle.  While that is a good rule for small things, or things that aren’t really that big of a deal, it’s not a hard and fast rule.  In fact, when we are adults, we should “tattle” on those that are breaking the law; especially when turning in fraud, their crimes affect the entire country of taxpayers.

Blowing the whistle on a company that is ripping off the government is not the same as tattling on a classmate because he took too long at the drinking fountain.  As a citizen it is your duty to report those that are cutting corners, defrauding the government, or otherwise ripping off the entire country of taxpayers.  That fraud can come in many different ways, if you work in an industry that gets paid by the government, then you could potentially file your own whistleblower lawsuit.

Do you already know about fraud taking place that is costing the government, and ultimately you the taxpayer, money?  Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with a qui tam (or whistleblower) attorney from Arentz Law Group P.C.!  Our attorneys can help walk you through the steps to ensure that these con artists are brought to justice, and you could receive a monetary reward.  Simply fill out the contact form on this page, or call 1-800-305-6000.


What is Qui Tam, or Whistleblowing?

Most of us have heard of the term whistleblower before.  With highly publicized cases, like that of Edward Snowden, it is one of those things that many people shy away from.  They feel that blowing the whistle is going to get them in trouble.  Without getting into specifics on the Snowden case, this is hardly likely.  In fact, most people that blow the whistle are hailed as heroes, and given a reward for their civil service.

What most people don’t know is that the official term for whistleblowing is actually qui tam.  A qui tam lawsuit is defined as one that an individual brings on behalf of the government.  Since these fraudsters aren’t defrauding you, but rather the government, you bring the lawsuit on behalf of the government.

Whistleblowing saves the US government billions of dollars every year.  But there is still a lot of fraud that takes place, and you could be the one to help uncover the crimes!


Can I get Fired for Being a Whistleblower?

Many people would rather just keep their head down and not say anything about their employer if they notice something illegal going on.  Some don’t care, others don’t see it as a big deal, but most don’t want to experience any sort of negative pressure if they speak up and expose the fraud.  Fortunately, there are laws in place if you do the right thing and blow the whistle on the fraud occurring in your workplace.

If you are wondering whether or not you will be fired for being a whistleblower, you can rest easy.  Laws are in place the state you cannot lose your job because you did the honorable thing.

But then you might wonder what will happen to you.  You still have your job, but will you still be treated fairly?  Will you keep your job but be moved to another department?  Will you be bullied into quitting?  The answer to all of these is: no.  The laws show that you cannot be demoted because you stood up for what is right.  You cannot be denied a due promotion because you wouldn’t turn a blind eye to fraud.  You cannot be disciplined, threatened, intimidated, have your pay cut, or be reassigned, because you showed integrity where others did not.

In short, there are many laws in place to encourage people to help uncover fraud that is wrecking the system.  Those laws protect the whistleblower so that there is no adverse affects, and life for the whistleblower continues on as though you never said anything (with the exception that the fraud is stopped, of course).

Have you seen fraudulent activity in your workplace? Has your employer tried to scam the US government and collect more than they are due?  Are you thinking about turning in fraud? Then let us know!  You can work with a whistleblower attorney from Arentz Law to uncover this injustice, and you may receive a reward of up to 30% of the penalty levied against the perpetrator.  Call 1-800-305-6000 to discuss your potential case with an attorney.


The Nursing Home I Work for Is Overcharging

One area that is most subject to fraud is the healthcare field.  It is estimated that as much as 10% of Medicaid and Medicare spending is fraudulent.  With government health programs spending close to $1 trillion each year, that means as much as $100 billion of taxpayer money is fraudulently diverted into the pockets of scammers.

You can help put a stop to some of that medical spending fraud!  If you are an employee of a nursing home, or hospital, then you have special access to how things work behind the scenes.  You can help stop the fraud from progressing.  But how do you know what charges are fraudulent?  It’s hard to catch them unless you have inside access to what actually happens in the nursing home.

For instance: a resident of the home has physical therapy twice each week.  However, the charts show that the same resident had physical therapy 3 times each week.  This “phantom billing” causes the Medicaid or Medicare program to pay out more than what is actually being used.

Other methods of fraud are when the nursing home charges for name brand medication, but dispenses generic medication.  Or perhaps the medical provider bills for more hours than were actually delivered.

If you work in a nursing facility, then you may be a witness to nursing home fraud.  If you suspect fraud in the nursing facility, get in touch with an attorney from Arentz Law Group by calling 1-800-305-6000.  Your Qui Tam lawsuit could end up saving taxpayers a lot of money and you could earn a reward worth as much as 30% of the final settlement.


My Employer is Inflating His Government Contracts

There are a lot of services that go into any government department.  For instance, there are contractors needed to do remodels on buildings, cleaning crews, food service providers, and many more.  It doesn’t make sense to have these crews on permanent staff, so the departments will outsource them.  What happens, however, is that this opens things up for fraud to take place.

When companies are contracted with the government, they need to be kept honest.  Unfortunately some of them see the government as a large and faceless organization.  They feel that skimming off the top is not going to hurt anyone.

Has the company you work for won a government contract?  Have you noticed that the higher ups in your company are telling you to cut some corners that otherwise should not be cut?  If so, then you may be witnessing fraud taking place, and you can blow the whistle.

If you have access to the bidding process, you may notice that when your employer bids on government contracts, the costs are inflated dramatically.  But somehow your company still wins those contracts.  The reason is often because there are kickbacks, and the department that has contracted the company you work for is helping with the fraud as well.  You blowing the whistle can help save millions of dollars.

No matter how it is done, any time a contractor attempts to defraud the government, it is ultimately the taxpayers that end up losing.  If you have witnessed fraud going on, then the attorneys at Arentz Law want to speak with you!  With your help, you can help stop the fraudulent spending, collect a reward for your trouble, and ensure that the money goes to the right place in the future.  Call us at 1-800-305-6000 to schedule your free consultation with a qui tam attorney.


How do I Recognize Medicaid Fraud?

The Medicaid program is an important piece of the US healthcare system.  It allows those that could otherwise be unable to afford healthcare receive the treatment that they need.  This system is subject to fraud as many people try to scam the government.  These scammers are not the individuals receiving Medicaid benefits; they are the service providers that then turn around and bill Medicaid.

Much like nursing home fraud, Medicaid fraud happens in such a way that there are few people who are able to spot when it actually does happen.  Since the system is so big, the government would be unable to audit every provider to ensure they are not making fraudulent claims.  That is where you can help.

Do you work in a facility that bills Medicaid?  Have you seen lately that the services provided often don’t match the bills sent to Medicaid?  There are a number of ways that Medicaid fraud spreads.

Hospice Care Fraud – Hospice care is reserved for those that need specialized care at the end of their life.  This intensive care is to make the last days the most comfortable, and to help prepare the survivors for the loss of a loved one.  There are times when a hospice provider will bill for this end-of-life care for many months when it is not needed.

Too Many Services Fraud – Today many hospitals order unnecessary services in order to cover all options.  However, these multiple services may be an indication of fraud.  Sometimes called “phantom services” these are when the services are ordered, and billed for, but never actually provided.

Additional Hours Fraud – After major medical procedures, patients often need physical therapy.  This therapy may have 45 minute sessions, but the physical therapist charges for a full hour.  It seems minor, but this type of fraud is common.

Hospital Kickback Fraud – Doctors have their preferred providers.  But if a doctor sends a patient to a specialist that provides a kickback, or monetary reward, for the referral, both are engaging in fraud.

Medicaid fraud can be hard to see.  However, if you are working in a facility and you notice that something is going on that doesn’t seem to be right, you can speak up!  Your whistleblower lawsuit will help save the government, and ultimately the taxpayers, a lot of money.  You may earn a reward for your service.  Call Arentz Law Group at 1-800-305-6000 to talk with an attorney about your role in the potential qui tam lawsuit.


Is there a lot of Fraud in the Department of Defense?

The Department of Defense is a huge government department.  Some believe that it is made up of those who create weapons of war, but in reality it helps with all sorts of government functions that everyday citizens benefit from.  Many of the contractors that work with the Defense Department have top level security clearance.  This means that their projects are kept under lock and key, and fraud is hard to discover.

That doesn’t mean, however, that the fraud isn’t discoverable.  In fact, the fraud can be just as easily discovered when the employees blow the whistle on those cutting corners and scamming the government.

Fraud in the Department of Defense looks similar to those in other areas.  For instance, charging for one service or product, but delivering another is a common fraud that actually dates back to the Civil War era.  During this time a common fraud was to charge for a box of munitions, but deliver a box of sawdust.  Or to charge for a healthy and young horse, but deliver an old or infirm horse.

If you work for a contractor that has been contracted with the Department of Defense, and you have seen fraud occurring, you have the responsibility to blow the whistle!  In some cases it could be a matter of national security, in others it is just the right thing to do.  Call a whistleblower attorney at Arentz Law Group P.C. today at 1-800-305-6000 to learn more about your role in turning in those defrauding the government.


How long does a Whistleblower Case Take?

Here’s the situation: you know of fraud is occurring and you want to make sure that those who are cheating the system are brought to justice.  But you are wondering how long turning in fraud will take from the time you call an attorney with Arentz Law, to when the lawsuit is wrapped up and draws to a close.  The answer is: not quickly.

Many of these cases need a lot of supporting details in order to prove that the company was defrauding the government.  This means there is a lot of investigative work that needs to be completed before the perpetrators are even served with the suit.  Depending on how big the case is, there could be a drawn out legal battle that lasts a considerable amount of time.

When you first blow the whistle on those that are committing fraud and stealing from the US taxpayers, you can expect the case to last for several months at least.  When the case is closed, and you receive your reward for turning in the fraudsters, it could be several years later.  Each case is unique, and each case takes a different amount of time, but the bottom line is that they take quite a while.

Have you witnessed fraud in the workplace that is costing the government, and ultimately you the taxpayer, money?  Then blow the whistle and get it stopped!  Your lawsuit could potentially save millions of dollars every year.  Simply call 1-800-305-6000 and speak with a whistleblower attorney.


Arentz Law can Help with Your Whistleblower Lawsuit

Do you know about fraud that is occurring in your workplace?  Is that fraud costing the US Government, and ultimately the taxpayers, money?  Considering Turning in fraud? You can help ensure that these departments operate as efficiently as possible, and you could earn a reward for helping the government save money!

Are you ready to be a hero?  Are you ready to step up and do the right thing when many are not?  Are you ready to file a lawsuit on behalf of the government?  Then call a whistleblower attorney at Arentz Law Group P.C. today at 1-800-305-6000.  We will work hard to ensure that your identity is kept safe, the fraudsters are brought to justice, and you earn a reward for your work!


Arentz Law has qui tam attorneys in Southern California that have helped whistleblowers across the country.  No matter what state you live in, a highly trained whistleblower attorney from Arentz Law can help you with turning in fraud.

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