Automakers Expand Takata Recall

Following refusal by faulty airbag manufacturer Takata Corporation, several Japanese car manufacturers are voluntarily expanding recall efforts nationwide.

As of Wednesday, December 10, 2014 Japanese car company Mazda has joined Nissan and Honda in expanded recalls of Takata airbags. These recent actions have increased the number of vehicles affected from approximately 3.5 million to nearly 6 million. Honda, in what it is calling a “safety improvement campaign” is launching further investigations into the root causes of the defect, which is still unknown.

Takata airbags utilized faulty inflators, which during deployment explode with excessive force, firing shrapnel into the passenger compartment. The airbags have been linked to at least five deaths and dozens of injuries. Takata maintains that the current limited recall of airbags in automobiles operating in humid climates is sufficient to combat any public safety issues. The NHTSA however believes that effort falls short of addressing the ease with which US drivers can migrate to regions that could potentially put them at risk for injury. Takata Corporation has agreed to support automakers wishing to voluntarily expand the recall themselves.

Even as the number of airbags being recalled climbs, the NHTSA maintains a limited recall for passenger side airbags to areas of high humidity, as no data suggests a nationwide problem.

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