NHTSA Demands Expanded Recall of Takata Airbags

In light of a mounting global scandal, involving the recall of millions of vehicles

containing airbags manufactured by Takata Industries, the National Highway Traffic

Safety Administration has announced that it would like to see recall efforts extended

beyond the most humid regions of the country. This change has been spurred by two

recent incidents in California and South Carolina, two states that are not currently

covered by Takata’s voluntary outreach. Senators Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal

applaud the action the actions taken by the NHTSA saying in a joint statement, “Regional

recalls make little sense as a matter of policy because cars – let alone the Americans who

drive them – are not bound by state lines, and needlessly put lives at risk”.

Utilizing an unstable chemical compound, ammonium nitrate, as a propellant, Takata

airbags are known to explode with incredible force in the event of an accident causing

further injury to passengers. In some cases the deployment of these airbags has led to

death, as discussed in this recent ABC News report.

As of November 20th, Takata Industries has only set aside $400 million dollars for

limited recall efforts worldwide. Having tested nearly 1000 inflators outside the regions

affected by the current recall Takata feels the amount more than adequate. However, as

federal inquiries get under way, millions of vehicles may be at risk of experiencing the

potentially fatal malfunction.

If Takata continues to refuse to extend the recall nationally the Justice Department may

order it do so, charging up to $35 million in fines.

If you have been injured following the deployment of your airbag you may be able to file

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