Takata VP Apologizes In Senate Hearing

Hiroshi Shimizu, senior vice president in charge of global quality assurance for

embroiled Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata, apologized in a US Senate hearing

Thursday for the deaths of six motorists tied to defective airbags. Airbags manufactured

by the Takata Corporation for at least ten auto manufactures utilized an unstable form

of compound ammonium nitrate, causing them to deploy with excessive force. Upon

deployment, metal shrapnel may be ejected into the passenger compartment, leading to

further injury or death.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently demanding the

expansion of voluntary recall efforts undertaken by Takata and the affected automakers,

which have covered 8 million vehicles within the United States. According to Bloomberg

News, only 6 percent of those vehicles currently eligible for airbag replacement have

been remedied. Car companies point to Takata production shortfalls as the root cause of

these low figures.

“We are currently producing more than 300,000 replacement kits per month and will be

increasing those production levels beginning in January,” Shimizu said. The number of

kits produced each month is expected to reach 450,000 in January.

The death of an Arizona woman mentioned yesterday in the Senate hearings is the sixth death related to Takata airbags. Her case was notable
as it fell outside the current recall area, which has led to a rise in panic among drivers

nationwide. Takata Corporation has responded by claiming that diverting replacement

parts for a national recall from the humid regions may put lives at risk.

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