US Chamber Report Claims AAJ Engaged in “Covert Lobbying”

Arentz Law Group would like offer support and join the American Association for Justice Leaders Forum in a statement made earlier today.

You may have seen this morning’s report by the U.S. Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform. This report, while misleading, deceptive, and inaccurate, makes clear one thing: your team at AAJ is hard at work protecting your clients’ rights. Below, please see a message that AAJ President Larry Tawwater is sharing with AAJ members today regarding the report:

“We are under siege by corporate treachery:  GM faulty ignitions, defective guardrails and airbags, salmonella-laced peanut products, and the most recent revelation about Volkswagen diesel engines. And the U.S. Chamber’s response is to blame the American Association for Justice. It’s a new low even for the Chamber.

AAJ proudly stands with consumers, workers, patients, and those who represent them, while the Chamber stands with corporate miscreants.”

AAJ is responding today to the report in the media with a statement from AAJ CEO Linda Lipsen:

“We want to thank the Chamber for highlighting the hard work the American Association for Justice and trial lawyers across the country do every day to help protect consumers from the corporate scams and abuses of Wall Street  and multinational  corporations who put their bottom lines over consumer safety. From tobacco to asbestos, the Chamber has never met a defective product they didn’t like and have lobbied for decades to change the rules so they can’t be held accountable by the public. 

Last week, we saw the CEO of the Peanut Corporation of America receive a 28-year prison sentence for his role in a deadly salmonella outbreak, and now we’re working with our allies to stop a Chamber-backed bill in Congress that would immunize Volkswagen for knowingly defrauding its consumers. What the report details so well is that the American Association for Justice is fighting for a world with more accountability, less injury, and more justice for consumers.”

Thank you for your continued support of AAJ through Leaders Forum.

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Linda Lipsen
American Association for Justice
Larry A. Tawwater
American Association for Justice
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