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Have you or a loved one...

  • Used Shower to Shower or other Talcum Powder Products for Feminine Hygiene?
  • Developed Ovarian Cancer?

Talcum Powder or Talc Powder Cancer can be caused due to the regular use of talcum powder. This is a widely used product throughout the country to help absorb moisture, reduce odors and cut down on friction. Studies have linked regular talcum powder use to many forms of cancer because of one particular ingredient. Talc (the main component of talcum powder), in its natural form, could contain asbestos that has been known to cause talc powder cancer.

At Arentz Law Group, P.C. our goal is to ensure that justice is served. We understand that it can be difficult navigating the complicated legal system, and we are here to be your advocate and your voice in your fight for justice. Whether fighting against major corporations like Johnson and Johnson or a pharmaceutical company that produces dangerous drugs, we are your source for legal help.

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with a form of talc powder cancer? Have you regularly used talcum powder? If so you could be entitled to substantial compensation, call 1-800-305-6000 today. The talc powder cancer attorneys at Arentz Law Group P.C. will work hard to secure compensation for you.

If so, you may be entitled to substantial compensation

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