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The denture cream lawyers at Arentz Law Group, P.C. can help victims of denture cream zinc poisoning recover valuable compensation for their damages in defective product lawsuits.  Roughly 35 Americans wear dentures, and the vast majority of these people are unaware that the zinc found in many popular denture creams can pose a serious threat to their health.  Because the companies that make denture creams such as Poligrip® and Fixodent® failed to post adequate warnings about the potential for zinc poisoning associated with their products, many victims of denture cream side effects have opted to file denture cream lawsuits in pursuit of financial compensation for their damages.

Denture Cream Zinc Poisoning

People who wear dentures use denture adhesive cream to help bond their dentures to their gums.  A number of popular denture creams contain zinc, which can help strengthen this bond and also help to block odor.  Unfortunately, many denture wearers are not aware that high levels of zinc in the body may lead to neuropathy or other neurological side effects.  Common symptoms of denture cream zinc toxicity include:

  • ·         Numbness
  • ·         Difficulty walking
  • ·         Paralysis
  • ·         Loss of sensation
  • ·         Unexplained pain
  • ·         Tingling in hands or feet (“pins and needles”)
  • ·         Muscle weakness
  • ·         Loss of balance

One factor that has led to a number of cases of denture cream zinc poisoning is misuse of this product.  A typical tube of denture cream is meant to last 3 to 10 weeks, but research has shown that many denture wearers go through denture cream at a much faster rate.  According to our national denture cream lawyers, if denture cream users were properly warned of the dangers of zinc poisoning and were given clear instructions on how to properly use these products, many consumers could have been spared from the debilitating effects of zinc poisoning.

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The makers of popular denture creams like Fixodent® and Poligrip® put profit before consumer safety when they failed to post adequate warnings about the risk of zinc poisoning associated with their products.  As a result of this negligence, people who have suffered nerve damage or other health problems linked to high levels of zinc in denture creams are entitled to pursue substantial compensation for their damages in product liability lawsuits.  If you would like to learn more about victims’ rights in denture cream zinc poisoning lawsuits, we invite you to contact us to schedule a free legal consultation with an experienced denture cream attorney.

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