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Prior to 2002, most women seeking permanent birth control would seek out a tubal ligation.  However, because tubal ligation is an invasive surgery and can require an extended recovery period, doctors were eager to offer their patients a new non-surgical sterilization method. After their initial FDA approval, Essure Coils were promoted by the device makers as a fast and safe alternative to traditional sterilization methods and over the past decade, increasing numbers of women have been implanted with Essure Permanent Birth Control Coils.

Unfortunately the number of adverse events and painful side effects reported to the FDA have also been increasing. The device, designed to permanently prevent pregnancy, has recently been making the news because of its numerous failures. Not only are women getting pregnant in spite of having Essure implanted, many have experienced serious– and even deadly – symptoms related to the device.

Essure was created as an alternative to traditional sterilization processes like tubal ligation. The small, flexible coils are inserted into the fallopian tubes by a doctor with no surgery required. Over the span of a few months, tissue grows around the device, creating a blockage that prevents sperm from reaching a woman’s eggs. The initial procedure only takes about ten minutes, with a follow up appointment held a few months later to determine the progress of the tissue growth. It sounds like an ideal alternative to getting your tubes tied, but Essure can have dangerous side effects.

Known complications of Essure include:

Many of these complications have caused women to seek out additional surgeries to remove the coils, often these procedures require either partial or full hysterectomies.

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Evidence shows that Bayer, the device manufacturer, may have purposefully hidden side effects related to Essure from the FDA.  There have even been accusations that results of the original medical trials that were used to gain FDA approval for Essure contained incomplete and potentially falsified data.

Consumer advocates have called for the removal of Essure coils from the market.  In response to public outcry and thousands of adverse event reports to the organization, the FDA is requiring the device’s manufacturer to conduct post-market studies of the sterilization coils.  The FDA has also announced a new black box label requirement for the device.

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At Arentz Law, we believe that medical device manufacturers should be held accountable for unsafe products. Evidence shows that Bayer did not inform patients or doctors about potential problems with Essure. Our firm is seeking lawsuits against the device manufacturer on behalf of women who have suffered serious injuries due to Essure birth control implants.

Arentz Law Group, along with our partner firms, has recovered more than $1 billion in settlements and verdicts on behalf of injured consumers. Contact an Arentz lawyer at 1-800-305-6000 or fill out the contact form on this page. All Essure consultations are free and confidential. Time to file a claim is limited so please do not hesitate to contact us!

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