Surgery to Remove Mirena

Surgery to remove the Mirena IUD may be necessary if a patient encounters an infection, organ perforation, or the migration of this medical device from its intended position. Mirena is an IUD (intrauterine device), a form of birth control which is implanted into a woman’s uterus for up to five years to prevent pregnancy. One of the proposed benefits of Mirena is that it is meant to be easily removable by pulling the string that is attached to the device, but a number of women have had to undergo painful and costly surgery to remove Mirena after suffering from serious Mirena side effects. According to the personal injury lawyers at Arentz Law Group, P.C., women who have had to undergo surgical removal of Mirena could be entitled to compensation for their damages.

Why Must Mirena Sometimes be Removed Surgically?

Though Bayer heavily promoted Mirena as a safe and convenient form of birth control which should be easy for a doctor to remove, the truth is that serious Mirena side effects have led to the need to remove Mirena surgically in a number of cases. Multiple women have been affected by Mirena migration, when the device moves from its intended position to another part of the body, where it can become embedded or perforate the uterus or other abdominal organs. Signs that Mirena has migrated may include pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding, or the inability to locate the strings that should come out of the device.

If Mirena should migrate, it may be necessary for a doctor to find the device in a woman’s body through the use of imaging technology such as X-rays, ultrasound, or a pelvic MRI. In some cases, Mirena can be located or removed laparascopically, but in other situations a more invasive surgical procedure may be necessary.

Legal Support after Mirena Removal Surgery

A number of women who have needed to undergo surgery to remove Mirena after migration or infection have claimed that Bayer Healthcare did not provide sufficient warning about the risk of organ perforation or other side effects associated with this device. If you have had to undergo surgery to remove Mirena, you may be able to collect financial compensation for damages such as medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. To learn more about your potential right to compensation in a Mirena lawsuit, contact a lawyer from Arentz Law Group, P.C. to schedule a free legal consultation.

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