Taking Invokana May Lead to Death

The Diabetes Drug Invokana has Debilitating Side Effects

Can Invokana Lead to a Coma?

Was my Heart Attack Caused by Invokana?

I am Diabetic, Am I at Risk of Kidney Damage?

My Urine is Pink and Cloudy

Why Does my Breath Smell Like Fruit?

I am Diabetic and Constantly Thirsty

After Taking my Diabetes Medication I am Dizzy and Slur my Speech

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The Diabetes Drug Invokana has Debilitating Side Effects

Those who suffer from diabetes need to keep it under control.  When diet and exercise aren’t enough, patients must turn to prescription medications that help them process their blood sugar levels.  One drug that has been on the market since 2013 helps to control a person’s diabetes, but may end up causing some serious problems which could prove to be fatal.

Johnson & Johnson’s drug Invokana, marketed by their subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals, is not as safe as the manufacturer has led people to believe.  Some who take the drug have suffered from ketoacidosis, heart attack, stroke, and kidney damage.  The manufacturer has been hit with a number of lawsuits for failing to warn the public about the possibility of these problems.

Have you suffered after taking Invokana?

Have you been hospitalized due to complications that arose after taking the drug?

Has a loved one passed away due to complications from this drug?

Then you need to speak with an attorney from Arentz Law Group P.C. today!  Our attorneys can guide you through your Invokana lawsuit and make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve.  Call 1-800-305-6000, or fill out the contact form on this page.


Can Invokana Lead to a Coma?

Are you taking Invokana and worried about whether or not you could suffer some severe side effects?  Have you wondered if your Invokana use could lead to a diabetic coma?  The answer is that it actually can.  This drug that is designed to help you manage your type 2 diabetes has been found to lead to ketoacidosis, a condition that can cause you to slip into a coma if it is left untreated.  Here’s how it works

You know that your body has trouble processing sugar.  To manage that, Invokana works in a way to remove the sugar from your blood stream by passing it through your urine.  This wouldn’t be a problem, but the drug actually removes too much sugar, and as a result your body has to make up for it.  The body starts to break down fat cells, which leads to the production of ketones.  Those ketones, when found in elevated levels, lead to ketoacidosis.  If you suffer from ketoacidosis, you will almost always be hospitalized until you have recovered.

To make matters worse, Janssen Pharmaceuticals never fully warned the public about this dangerous side effect before sending the drug to market.  The result is that millions of people, like yourself, are put at risk of a potentially deadly condition.

Have you been hospitalized because of ketoacidosis?  Did a loved one spend time in a coma because of this dangerous condition?  You don’t have to sit back and let a major corporation profit off your suffering!  Your Invokana lawsuit will help compensate you, and it will help spur major drug companies to be more diligent in warning about the dangers of their drugs.  Call a highly trained Invokana lawyer with Arentz Law at 1-800-305-6000 for your free consultation.


Was my Heart Attack Caused by Invokana?

If you have suffered from a heart attack, you know the fear that comes along with the thought that your heart may no longer be working.  Quick thinking and medical professionals have helped you recover, but once you have suffered from an attack you know that things will never be the same.  But did you know that your heart attack may not have been random or the result of choices that you made?

Research has shown that taking the diabetes medication Invokana can actually increase the risk of suffering from a heart attack.  These risks should have been discovered during clinical testing, but even if they were the drug company never warned you about the risks.  The result is that you had a heart attack triggered by the drug that was supposed to help keep you healthy.

Taking Invokana sets off a series of changes in your body.  One of those changes is that the concentration of red blood cells increases (in medical terms, this is referred to as your hematocrit).  More blood cells mean that you are more likely to develop blood clots.  These clots can become lodged in your veins or arteries, and the result is that you could suffer from a heart attack or a stroke.

Have you taken Invokana and you have suffered from a heart attack?  Has a loved one passed away from cardiovascular events (including heart attack)?  Then you need to speak with an attorney from Arentz Law right away.  Your heart attack was likely caused by the diabetes drug Invokana, and could have been avoided if you were properly warned.  Call 1-800-305-6000 to schedule your free consultation with a dangerous drug attorney.


I am Diabetic, Am I at Risk of Kidney Damage?

Your kidneys act as filters for your blood.  As the blood passes through, toxins and wastes are filtered out.  When you are diabetic, your body cannot process sugar normally causing the kidneys to work overtime trying to filter out the sugars.  This exertion can lead to kidney damage.

If you are properly controlling your diabetes, your risk of kidney damage is reduced considerably.

Kidney damage after taking Invokana happens in a similar manner.  Because the drug removes sugar from your blood via urination, the body starts to break down fat cells.  This breakdown produces ketones.  As your kidneys try to filter out the elevated levels of ketones they are working overtime.  When they can’t keep up you can end up suffering from kidney damage or kidney failure.  As the ketone levels continue to rise in your blood you may end up suffering from ketoacidosis.

Have you wondered if your kidney damage was caused by taking the drug Invokana?  There is a strong probability that it was, and you don’t have to suffer on your own.  The drug manufacturers likely knew of the risk of suffering from kidney damage, but they decided not to warn you about that risk.

You can fight back with the help of an Invokana attorney from Arentz Law!  Call 1-800-305-6000 to schedule your free consultation and to determine if you are eligible for compensation.


My Urine is Pink and Cloudy

Normal urine colors range from clear to dark yellow.  The darker your urine is, the more minerals in it.  Normally if you are well hydrated your urine should be mostly clear.  However, what if your urine is pink, cloudy, or both?  These could be signs of something serious.

As mentioned above, your kidneys play an important role to help filter toxins and waste from your blood.  However, when they are not functioning properly, there can be potentially deadly consequences.  For instance, poorly functioning kidneys can end up causing blood to get into the urine.

Pink and cloudy urine is caused by blood getting into the urine.  Cloudy urine is from more minerals and proteins than normal being expelled from the body.  As your kidneys are working hard to reduce the amount of waste in your blood stream (sugars and ketones), they are being damaged from over-exertion.  Your body is expelling blood, proteins, and possibly other beneficial minerals.

If you’re wondering what causes pink and cloudy urine, the answer is that it is possibly caused by your diabetes medication.  Invokana is known to have some serious side effects, some that are potentially deadly if they are left untreated.  One of those side effects is that your kidneys stop working as they should, and a symptom is pink or cloudy urine.  This side effect may cause hospitalization.

Have you been hospitalized with kidney problems after taking the diabetes drug Invokana?  You may be entitled to compensation because the drug manufacturer, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, failed to warn you about this potentially deadly side effect.  The drug you are taking to keep your body functioning normally is actually rapidly deteriorating your kidneys!

Call 1-800-305-6000 for your free consultation with a dangerous drug attorney from Arentz Law Group.


Why Does my Breath Smell Like Fruit?

Bad breath can have a number of causes.  Most people that suffer from stinky breath (the technical term is halitosis) suffer because of poor hygiene.  That is to say that they need to spend a little more time brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash in order to get rid of the bacteria that cause their bad breath.

Bad breath is one thing, bad breath that has a distinctive odor, like old or rotting fruit, is another.  And it’s a sign that there are more serious underlying issues.  Namely, that the sugar levels in your blood are getting dangerously high.

Hyperglycemia (elevated blood sugar levels) has several symptoms.  Even when you are drinking plenty of fluids, you are having trouble getting rid of your dry mouth.  Increased fluid intake means you are urinating a lot more.  You tend to get drowsy, your vision is blurred, you have trouble concentrating, and your breath gets a fruity smell to it.  If you notice any of these trends, then you need to check your blood sugar levels.

When you suffer from diabetes, your body is unable to use the glucose (sugar) in the blood.  You need a medication that will either help your body use the sugar, or get rid of it.  Invokana was designed to eliminate sugar through urination and help to restore your blood to healthy sugar levels.  However, it doesn’t always work the way it is supposed to.

There have been many lawsuits against Janssen Pharmaceuticals for failing to warn about some of the potentially deadly side effects of this drug.  One side effect is ketoacidosis, which can lead to coma and even death if not treated on time.  Ketoacidosis has a distinct symptom: fruity smelling breath.

Have you used the drug Invokana and have you suffered from severe side effects?  Then you need to talk with an attorney from Arentz Law Group right away.  There is a chance that you can sue Janssen and receive compensation for your pain and suffering.  Call 1-800-305-6000 for your free consultation.


I am Diabetic and Constantly Thirsty

Diabetes can take an interesting toll on the body.  Because the insulin isn’t performing its job properly (it is supposed to help transfer glucose from the blood into the cells to be used as energy), you end up with a variety of symptoms that can be troublesome.

When your diabetes is first developing, you notice that you are thirsty much more often than usual.  Your mouth is dry (you’re suffering from “cotton mouth”) and you consume more liquids to offset the problem.  After being diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor puts you on a drug regimen to help your body process blood sugars adequately, and the dry mouth is relieved.

But if you’re on the drug Invokana, you may notice that the dry mouth sensation comes back after a while.  If you’re worried, you check your blood sugar levels and they appear to be low to normal.  But what you don’t see is that the Invokana is taking the sugar out of your blood stream.  To compensate your body is breaking down fat cells to use them as energy.

It may seem like a good thing that your body is breaking down the fat cells, however this is not a healthy way of losing weight.  Part of the process creates ketones.  Those ketones accumulate in the blood and lead to some serious and potentially deadly side effects.  As ketones levels are elevated, you suffer from ketoacidosis.

If you are diabetic, and you are taking Invokana, you may notice that you are constantly thirsty.  You have dry mouth often, and you chalk it up to a symptom of the diabetes.  In reality, you may be noticing the symptoms of ketoacidosis, a deadly condition that can result in you being in a coma if it isn’t treated in a timely manner.

Have you suffered from ketoacidosis while taking Invokana?  Then you need to speak with an attorney from Arentz Law right away.  This potentially deadly side effect was never disclosed to the public.  The result is that you were put at risk without ever knowing it.  Call 1-800-305-6000 to schedule your consultation.


After Taking my Diabetes Medication I am Dizzy and Slur my Speech

Your blood sugar levels play an important role in how your body functions, and how clearly you can think.  When they get out of line you can tend to get dizzy, have trouble concentrating, and slur your speech.  Those problems are supposed to be eliminated when you take a diabetes medication like Invokana.  These medications are designed to balance your blood sugar.

But many patients noticed that after taking Invokana for a short time, those feelings of dizziness and slurred speech started to come back.  Blood tests showed that their blood sugar levels were fine, so the symptoms weren’t thought to be associated with their diabetes.

Studies have shown that taking Invokana can have the undesired side effect of elevated ketone levels in the blood.  This condition is known as ketoacidosis and one of the outward symptoms is slurred speech and dizziness.

When Invokana came onto the market in 2013, the public was never warned about this deadly side effect.

Have you used Invokana, and have you been treated for ketoacidosis?  Then you don’t have to sit back and suffer!  You can file a lawsuit against Janssen Pharmaceuticals for failing to disclose this side effect.  Call 1-800-305-6000 to speak with an attorney about how to initiate your lawsuit.


Let Arentz Law Group Help with Your Invokana Lawsuit

Arentz Law Group P.C. believes that drug companies overstep their bounds regularly.  They reap massive profits (often into the billions of dollars every year) by providing drugs that aren’t entirely safe.  It is our belief that many of these potentially deadly side effects were discovered during clinical trials, but they are never fully disclosed to the public.  The result is multi-billion dollar profits at a steep price to you, the consumer.

You don’t have to let these corporations take advantage of you!  With the help of a dangerous drug attorney you can say that enough is enough!  Your lawsuit against Janssen will help raise awareness of these deadly drugs, it will help spur a movement toward more transparent medication disclosures, and it will help compensate you for your pain and suffering.  Your diabetes is hard enough to handle on its own, there is no reason you should suffer even more because your medication is causing further problems.

Are you ready to tell Janssen Pharmaceuticals that it is not okay to profit off the suffering of another person?  Then you need to talk with a dangerous drug attorney right away.  Call us at 1-800-305-6000 to learn how you can be an instrumental part in making a change in the pharmaceutical world.


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