Heartburn Medication Could Have Caused Your Heart Attack

Popular Heartburn Medications Lead to Heart Attacks

Is my Chest Pain Caused by Nexium?

Can my GERD Medication Have Deadly Side Effects?

Are Antacid Medications Safe?

Your Pneumonia May Have Been Caused by Prilosec

Can I Sue Zantac Because of My Hip Injury?

Is Prevacid Safe to Use for an Extended Period of Time?

How do I File a Lawsuit Regarding my Antacid Medication?

Let Arentz Law Help with Your PPI Lawsuit

Popular Heartburn Medications Lead to Heart Attacks

In order to process foods, the human stomach sets off a series of chemical reactions whenever food is ingested.  For some people, these reactions don’t work properly, and they produce an over-abundance of stomach acid.  This acid leads to the uncomfortable experience of acid reflux; a condition often called heartburn that can severely damage the esophagus if it isn’t taken care of right away.  These people turn to medication that helps to reduce acidity in the stomach and reduce discomfort.  The downside, however, is that these medication are known to lead to an increased risk of heart attack and a variety of other severe side effects.

Heartburn, or acid reflux, medications that fall into the class of proton pump inhibitors (PPI’s) are incredibly popular.  You probably recognize the brands of Prilosec, Zantac, Nexium, and Prevacid, even if you have never used the drug in the past.  These drugs are prescribed to millions of people in the US every year, and they put millions of people at severe risk of suffering from a heart attack.  Those at risk were never fully warned about the potentially deadly side effect of trying to reduce stomach acid.

Have you suffered from a heart attack while taking medication to reduce your acid reflux?  You may be able to file a lawsuit and receive compensation for your medical expenses.  Your first step is to call 1-800-305-6000 and speak with a dangerous drug attorney from Arentz Law Group P.C.  Your initial consultation puts you under no obligation, and is always free.


Is my Chest Pain Caused by Nexium?

Nexium, along with Prilosec and Prevacid, is an acid-suppressing drug.  These drugs help those who are suffering from acid reflux disease, and are heavily prescribed.  In fact, these drugs were the 3rd most popular drug to be prescribed to people in the US in the year 2009.  Despite their popularity, they carry some hidden dangers that were never fully disclosed to the public.

Have you taken Nexium and suffered from chest pain?  You may have been suffering from the side effects that can lead to a heart attack.  Studies have shown that prolonged use of Nexium can increase your risk of suffering from a heart attack.  To make matters worse, these drugs were marketed as a safe and long term solution to those suffering from heart burn.

An increased risk of heart attack isn’t the only problem associated with Nexium.  This drug comes with a long list of side effects, some of which could be potentially deadly.  For example, this drug can lead to headaches, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, bone density loss, dry mouth, kidney failure, and many more.

If you have taken Nexium, and you were hospitalized because you suffered from a heart attack, you need to speak with an attorney from Arentz Law Group right away.  Our dangerous drug attorneys will consult with you on whether or not you can file a lawsuit seeking compensation.  In addition, your lawsuit will help raise awareness that these drug companies are after profits and are failing to warn people about the dangerous side effects of their drugs.  Call us at 1-800-305-6000 to schedule your free consultation.


Can my GERD Medication Have Deadly Side Effects?

It is estimated that in any given year about 60 percent of the US population will experience GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease, commonly called acid reflux disease or heartburn).  20 to 30 percent have persistent symptoms.  Many of these with persistent symptoms turn to medication in order to control their GERD.

The reflux isn’t just uncomfortable, it can be dangerous.  When the acid “bubbles” up the esophagus it can do damage to the softer and more delicate tissues therein.  To prevent throat problems people turn toward medications like Nexium, Prilosec, Zantac, or Prevacid.  These medications aren’t entirely safe though.

There have been many studies on these drugs and the long-term side effects of taking them.  While they are an important method of keeping esophageal erosion to a minimum, they cause more problems than they solve.  For instance, a study published in 2011 looked at those using PPI (proton pump inhibitor) medications, and discovered there is an increased risk of heart attack when taking these drugs.  That risk is compounded if the patient has pre-existing heart problems.

Have you used GERD medications and have you suffered from a heart attack?  Has a loved one passed away from a heart attack while taking one of these medications?  You don’t have to suffer your loss and suffer from undue medical expenses!  Your lawsuit will help you stand up against these major pharmaceutical companies, and you can receive compensation.  Consult with a dangerous drug attorney, for free, from Arentz Law by calling 1-800-305-6000.


Are Antacid Medications Safe?

Every time a drug or medication is put into the body, you run the risk of a serious side effect.  Even substances that aren’t controlled, like caffeine, cause a change and can end up being deadly.  Controlled substances, like prescription medications, are required to warn the public about all of the potential side effects that could happen.

Many of these drugs, however, pass over warning about some of the potential side effects.  Sometimes the company feels they are coincidences, sometimes there is such a small percentage that experience them that the company doesn’t feel they aren’t relevant, or sometimes they might just try to hide them completely.

Antacid medications are no different.  For many people these drugs are safe.  However, for many others, they can have serious or even deadly side effects.  We already know of the studies that show these drugs can lead to heart attacks, but there are other deadly side effects.

Studies show that using heartburn medication for an extended period of time can lead to kidney damage, and ultimately kidney failure.

  • Have you used antacid drugs and suffered from kidney disease?
  • Has a loved one used these drugs and been diagnosed with kidney failure?
  • Have you been on prescription antacid drugs and been hospitalized with kidney problems?

Then you know too well that antacid medications aren’t as safe as the manufacturing companies want you to believe.  In fact, for you these medications are deadly.  And worst of all, you were never fully warned about the possibility of kidney damage when you were prescribed the medicine.

Companies that manufacture heartburn medication need to know that they can’t get away with harming the public.  They need to know that the US population is tired of being taken advantage of.  They need to know that their profits aren’t more important than your life!  The only way to do that is to file your lawsuit with the help of Arentz Law Group.  Call 1-800-305-6000 to get started and show that you won’t lay down and be a victim!


Your Pneumonia May Have Been Caused by Prilosec

Prilosec is a popular antacid drug manufactured by AstraZeneca.  This drug is part of the proton pump inhibitor class of drugs due to the way that it helps to reduce the acidity of your stomach after you eat.  For those who suffer from persistent heartburn, they find that the drug works well.

The unfortunate downside, however, is that the drug isn’t entirely safe.  While it does do the job of preventing heartburn, it has a whole host of side effects that can cause some serious problems if left untreated.  We already heard about how PPI drugs can lead to an increased risk of heart attack, and how they can cause kidney disease.  One of the lesser known side effects of these drugs is an increased risk of developing pneumonia.

Normally harmful bacteria in the stomach are killed off by the stomach acids.  And normally the bacteria that are in the stomach stay in the stomach.  However, even healthy people have to lie down, and when they do small amounts of stomach contents can make their way up the esophagus to where the respiratory and gastrointestinal split occurs.  Most of the time this isn’t a big deal.

Those who use PPI drugs regularly, however, have lower acidity in their stomach.  The lower acidity may not be enough to kill the harmful bacteria, and when these individuals sleep, stomach contents can transport harmful bacteria into the respiratory system.  The result is that you develop pneumonia as a result of taking Prilosec (or another drug like Zantac, Prevacid, or Nexium).

Have you been hospitalized because you came down with pneumonia while taking antacid medication?  Have you suffered, and been hit with high medical bills, after battling pneumonia while taking heartburn medication?  If so, you need to speak with an attorney from Arentz Law Group P.C. right away at 1-800-305-6000.  Our dangerous drug attorneys are on-hand to discuss whether or not you are eligible for compensation by filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of your medication.


Can I Sue Zantac Because of My Hip Injury?

Zantac, one of the popular PPI (proton pump inhibitor) drugs, is used to help those who suffer from heartburn.  There may not seem to be much of a correlation between a hip injury and a heartburn medication, but recent studies have shown that there actually is.

The short explanation is that taking heartburn medication, like Zantac, causes the body to be less efficient at absorbing calcium.  Calcium, as we know, is an important part of bone growth.  When the body doesn’t get the calcium that it needs, bones become weaker and more brittle.

Those who are taking PPI drugs are suffering from depleted calcium levels in their body.  The result is that a fall that would otherwise only result in bruising and a hurt ego, now results in a hip fracture.  Studies have shown that those who take PPI drugs, especially those who are over 50 years old and have taken the drugs long-term, are at an increased risk of breaking a hip.

If you have taken Zantac, Prevacid, Prilosec, or Nexium for an extended period of time, and you have fractured your hip, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of that drug.  They failed to warn you that hip fractures are a serious side effect of using their medication, and they need to make sure you are compensated!

Your hip injury wasn’t your fault, so why should you pay for it?  Contact a dangerous drug attorney with Arentz Law Group today by calling 1-800-305-6000.  We are ready to fight for your rights and to make sure you are made whole!


Is Prevacid Safe to Use for an Extended Period of Time?

There are some people who can take prescription medications and have absolutely no side effects.  Many others experience some minor side effects that diminish over time.  There are still others that can’t take medications because the side effects are so bad, and some have allergic reactions.

Then there are those that seem to be doing fine, but after an extended period of time on the drug suffer from a major medical emergency.  These are the ones that the drug companies hope remain silent so that they can keep making enormous profits off their medications.

The reality is that antacid and heartburn medications are not safe to use, and the longer they are used the more likely you are to suffer from a potentially deadly side effect.

One of the most common side effects, one that could end up being the precursor to even bigger problems, is developing CDAD (Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea).  While loose stools aren’t a big problem, CDAD can require hospitalization.

Another major side effect is called hypomagnesaemia.  That difficult to pronounce scientific term is just the cause of some bigger problems.  Those suffering from it (it’s actually an abnormally low level of magnesium in the blood) notice that they get dizzy, tire easily, suffer from muscle cramps, increased irritability, abnormal heart rhythms, and more.  These can lead to further problems down the road.

The list just keeps going.  Earlier on we talked about the risk of heart attack, kidney disease, pneumonia, and hip fractures.  Another recent study shows that PPIs can lead to damage to blood vessels.  Some of these issues are irreversible and require major medical intervention.

Most people won’t be harmed if they take PPIs occasionally.  But as the length of time that you take your heartburn medication extends, your risk of suffering from a potentially deadly side effect rises.

Have you already suffered from a serious side effect associated with your antacid drug?  Then you need to call a dangerous drug attorney today!  Dial 1-800-305-6000 to speak with a an attorney on how to get started with your suit.


How do I File a Lawsuit Regarding my Antacid Medication?

As we have seen, these antacid medications are far from the safe drug that the manufacturers want you to believe they are.  In fact, there are cases where people have died as a result.  You can help prevent more unnecessary suffering!

To get started with your lawsuit, all you have to do is fill out the contact form on this page, or call 1-800-305-6000 and speak with an attorney.  Your attorney will discuss whether or not you have been harmed by taking one of these deadly drugs, and work with you to show conclusive evidence that your suffering was brought about because you were never fully warned about the dangers of prolonged heartburn medication use.


Let Arentz Law Help with Your PPI Lawsuit

Arentz Law Group P.C. is in the business of serving people.  We help you fight back against major pharmaceutical companies that otherwise would never give you the time of day.  We believe that they have a responsibility to correct the problems with their medications, and they need to pay when you are hurt!

In order to receive justice for yourself, and to help prevent more innocent lives from being lost or ruined, you need to call us right away!

Your first phone call will be a no obligation call with an attorney.  At any point you can decide not to pursue your lawsuit, and you have the right to stop it all right there.  An attorney will walk through everything with you, determine how you were harmed, and work with you to figure out what sort of monetary compensation you deserve.

There are no worries about being able to pay for an attorney either!  When we fight for you, whether it is about your heartburn medication leading to serious side effects, or any other reason that you were harmed, you don’t owe for our services until after you win the lawsuit or it is settled.

Here at Arentz Law, we believe in justice.  We believe you deserve justice.


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