Your Ovarian Cancer May Be Caused by Talc Powder

Have You Been Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer?

How Do I know if My Ovarian Cancer was caused by Talcum Powder?

I feel Bloated, Have Stomach Pains, and My Legs are Swollen

Can I File a Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson because of My Ovarian Cancer?

What Caused my Ovarian Cancer?

Am I Eligible to File a Talcum Powder Lawsuit?

Why You Need to File a Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Is My Talcum Lawsuit the First One?

Arentz Law Group P.C. Can Help with Your Talcum Powder Lawsuit


Have You Been Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer?

There are some types of cancer that are random occurrences.  However, there are others that are caused by using a product that you thought was safe.  Studies have shown that using talc powder can lead to an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer.

  • Have you used talc powder for personal hygiene?
  • Have you been diagnosed with ovarian cancer?
  • Has a loved one passed away from ovarian cancer after using talc powder for personal hygiene purposes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to contact a personal injury attorney from Arentz Law Group P.C. right away.  Simply fill out the contact form on this page, or call 1-800-305-6000.  This cancer may not have been a random occurrence, and you may be able to collect a settlement to help cover medical bills, funeral expenses, and other personal damages.


How Do I know if My Ovarian Cancer was caused by Talc Powder?

Talcum powder is most often associated with children.  In order to help dry the area under the diaper, and prevent diaper rash, the powder is sprinkled on their behinds and reduces chafing.  While there is some concern with infants inhaling the powder that is not what can lead to ovarian cancer (at least not in this instance).

Many mothers noticed that using talcum powder, or baby powder as it is commonly called, helps keep their child dry and irritation free.  So they started to use it for their own personal hygiene.  By sprinkling it in undergarments, applying it to tampons, pads, or sanitary napkins, or sprinkling directly to the genital area, an individual can help reduce discomfort throughout the day.

The problem occurs if this personal hygiene practice becomes habitual.  Using talcum powder every day for many years on end can end up leading to ovarian cancer.  The talc particles work their way into the vagina, through the tubes and become lodged in the ovaries.  Because it’s a foreign particle, the body fights back trying to eliminate the talc.  This irritated area becomes a prime source for cancer cells to grow, and over time ovarian cancer develops.

So how do you know if your ovarian cancer was caused by talcum powder?  The answer is based on your personal hygiene habits over the years.  If you used talcum powder for personal hygiene on a regular occurrence, and you have now been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, there is a strong likelihood that the talc powder, or baby powder, led to your ovarian cancer.

Want to discuss your potential case with an attorney?  Call 1-800-305-6000 to talk things over with a talcum powder attorney from Arentz Law.


I feel Bloated, Have Stomach Pains, and My Legs are Swollen

Knowing the symptoms of ovarian cancer is an important part of catching the disease early on so it can be stopped before it gets worse.  The problem, however, is that ovarian cancer can mimic the symptoms of a variety of other diseases.

Have you used talcum powder (either baby powder or shower to shower) every day for many years on end?  Then you should pay close attention if you start having some of these symptoms, and immediately talk with a specialist.

  • Bloated Abdomen – Bloating can be caused by a number of issues. There are times when it is simply because of the food you have eaten, or it could be that the talc use has led to ovarian cancer.
  • Persistent Fatigue – One of the signs of many different forms of cancer is persistent fatigue. The battle going on inside your body can end up draining your energy.
  • Swollen Legs – Edema, or fluid retention, is a common side effect of ovarian cancer. This fluid retention generally manifests in the legs, but can be in the hands, face, or abdomen.  Your talcum powder usage may have led to ovarian cancer and is causing swollen legs.
  • Bowel or Bladder Changes – That same edema can cause undue pressure on your organs. The result is more frequent urination or bowel movements.
  • Unexplained Bleeding – When there is irritation in the ovaries, the result can be unexplained vaginal bleeding.

You know your body.  You know when something is not working the way it should be.  The problem occurs when you go to have everything checked out, and the doctor can’t pinpoint the problem right away.

If you have used talcum powder habitually (remember that means regularly every day or almost every day), and you are experiencing these issues, you may be seeing the signs of ovarian cancer.  Consider talking with a number of specialists to determine the exact cause and be able to catch the cancer before it progresses too far.

Have you been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and you have used talcum powder habitually for many years?  Then the highly trained talc attorneys with Arentz Law want to talk with you!  You deserve restitution for expenses and damages; call 1-800-305-6000 to learn more about how you can be compensated.


Can I File a Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson because of My Ovarian Cancer?

Johnson & Johnson maintains that their products are completely safe, and claim that ovarian cancer has no known cause.  However, numerous studies have shown otherwise (One as old as 1973, one in the 1980’s, one in the 1990’s, and one in the 2000’s to name a few).  But the issue really comes down to this: did using baby powder cause your ovarian cancer?

In early 2016, a jury awarded Jackie Fox’s estate $72 million after it was determined that her ovarian cancer, which ultimately led to her death, was caused by J&J baby powder.  This precedent shows that the manufacturer of this powder needs to be held responsible for the damages they have caused.

The short answer to whether or not you can file a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson is yes.  But you also need to meet some of the requirements to have a case that will stand up in court.  You have to have used talcum powder regularly for a number of years.  You have to have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  You have to have accurate records showing your treatment and the medical bills that you have incurred.  Likely you won’t be able to win a suit that awards you many millions of dollars, but the talc powder attorneys at Arentz Law Group will fight to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

Ready to speak with a lawyer to see if you have a case against Johnson & Johnson?  Call 1-800-305-6000 to speak with an attorney today!


What Caused my Ovarian Cancer?

Cancer, regardless of where it occurs, has many different causes.  Often it is a random occurrence.  Otherwise healthy individuals end up diagnosed with this disease and there is no cause that was discovered.

However, there are times when the cause of the cancer is well known.  For example, too much time in the sun can lead to melanoma skin cancer.  It’s also known that cigarettes and other forms of tobacco can lead to lung cancer.  Asbestos is a known carcinogen that leads to many different types of cancer.

It is also well known that talcum powder, usually sold as Baby Powder or Shower to Shower, can lead to ovarian cancer.

If you have not used talcum powder for personal hygiene, or if you only used it once or twice, then your ovarian cancer was likely not caused by this substance.

However, those who have used talc repeatedly, that is every day for a considerable length of time, the risks are present that they may suffer from ovarian cancer.  In fact, one study shows that those who used talcum powder are at as much as a 33% increased risk.

If you have reason to believe that Johnson & Johnson talcum powder is what has led to your ovarian cancer, and you want to discuss with an attorney if you are eligible to file a talcum powder lawsuit, call one of our personal injury attorneys at 1-800-305-6000 today.


Am I Eligible to File a Talcum Powder Lawsuit?

We often get asked the question of whether or not an individual is eligible to file a talcum powder lawsuit.  While we would love to say, “YES!” to everyone that asks, the matter is a little more complicated than that.

Talcum powder use that didn’t result in physical harm, loss of income, incurred medical expenses, or other damages doesn’t have grounds for a suit.  There simply isn’t anything to be compensated for.

However, using baby powder or shower to shower powder for an extended period of time, and then being diagnosed with ovarian cancer certainly does warrant further investigation.  If this is the case, then the highly trained attorneys with Arentz Law Group want to speak with you.

In order to understand if you are eligible to file a talcum powder lawsuit, you (or a loved one that has passed away) need to be able to meet these minimum requirements.

  • You have used talcum powder on a regular basis.
  • You have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

That’s all there is to it.  From this point an attorney will work closely with you in order to show that if you had been properly warned about the dangers of the talcum powder, you would not have used it.  Without using the powder, you very likely would not have developed, and suffered from, this cancer.

Do you have questions about your eligibility to file a baby powder lawsuit?  Our attorneys are ready to provide you with a free consultation before moving forward.  All you have to do is call 1-800-305-6000.


Why You Need to File a Talc Powder Lawsuit

We have often talked with people that have been hurt by a dangerous drug, dangerous product, or negligent company, and they state that they don’t want to file a lawsuit.  While their benevolence is honorable, and we respect their desire not to benefit monetarily off the back of these companies, there are more reasons that you should file your lawsuit other than to be compensated.

Your talcum lawsuit will help promote awareness.  When more people come forward and say, “I was hurt by this product” it will raise awareness for those who may have been hurt and don’t yet realize the cause.  If you don’t want monetary compensation from your lawsuit, your suit will help those who need that compensation but don’t realize they are eligible to be compensated.

Your baby powder lawsuit will keep the companies accountable.  Major corporations, like Johnson & Johnson, need to be accountable for the damages that they have caused.  Without properly warning the public about the risk of ovarian cancer, they have profited off of those who otherwise would have avoided using their product.  Is it acceptable to earn more money by causing harm to others?  Your talc powder lawsuit can prevent that from happening down the road.

Your shower to shower lawsuit will help others.  If you come forward and file a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson because they failed to warn you that using talcum powder regularly could lead to ovarian cancer, you will encourage others to come forward too.  When your case is settled, and you are compensated, it will make the process easier for the other women who have been hurt by this product.  If you do receive a settlement, and it is for more money than you need or want, then you can donate it to help others that are in need.

Are you ready to talk to a talcum attorney about your potential lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson?  Call 1-800-305-6000 today.


Is My Talc Powder Lawsuit the First One?

Have you wondered how many talcum powder lawsuits have been filed?  Have you wondered how the courts will respond to these suits?  Fortunately, you’re not the first one that has suspected that your ovarian cancer was caused by talcum powder.  And you aren’t going to be the last one either.

In 2013, Deane Berg filed a lawsuit because she developed ovarian cancer.  Johnson & Johnson never warned her that using their product every day for a number of years could lead to her disease.  As a result she sued the manufacturer.  The outcome was that she won her case.  A judge and jury found that the manufacturer was negligent in warning consumers about the product.

Around that same time Jackie Fox initiated her own lawsuit.  Jackie had used baby powder for personal hygiene for many years, and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Her lawsuit spanned a number of years, and during that time Jackie passed away due to complications with her cancer.  Her family continued to press forward in her honor, and in early 2016 the family was awarded a $72 million settlement.

The bottom line is that your talcum powder lawsuit isn’t the first one; Johnson & Johnson’s product has caused suffering in many women.  This should make your case go more smoothly.

Do you want to talk with an attorney about your potential baby powder lawsuit?  Are you ready to move forward and get justice for what has happened?  You can speak with a highly trained personal injury attorney by calling 1-800-305-6000.


Arentz Law Group P.C. Can Help with Your Talc Powder Lawsuit

It is one thing to be the victim of chance.  It is entirely another to be the victim of a major company’s negligence.  Here at Arentz Law Group P.C., we believe that these companies need to be held responsible for the damages they have caused.  Their products make millions, often billions, of dollars even though those same products can end up destroying lives.

If you have suffered from ovarian cancer after using talcum powder on a regular basis, it is time for you to get the justice and compensation that you deserve.  You are the victim here, and Johnson & Johnson needs to be held accountable for your pain and suffering.

Are you ready to get started with your lawsuit that is seeking compensation for the losses that you have suffered?  Are you ready to raise awareness so that others don’t suffer the same way you did?  Are you ready to make sure that this company (and others like them) fully warns the public about the dangers of their product before they make it available?  Then you need to call a talcum powder attorney at Arentz Law Group P.C. right away to get started with your case.

Call us at 1-800-305-6000; or fill out the contact form on this page.


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