Taxotere Causes Permanent Hair Loss

Have You Suffered Hair Loss After Using Taxotere?

Can Women Suffer from Hair Loss?

My Chemotherapy Drug Caused My Hair to Fall Out

Are there Treatments for Alopecia?

Is Hair Loss from Chemotherapy Reversible?

Can I Sue Because Taxotere Caused Hair Loss?

Why You Need to File a Taxotere Lawsuit

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Have You Suffered Hair Loss After Using Taxotere?

Taxotere is a cancer drug.  It is commonly prescribed to women to help treat their breast cancer.  While most adults understand that there is some risk of hair loss when undergoing cancer treatments, especially when various forms of chemotherapy and radiation are involved, they don’t expect that hair loss to be permanent.  However, that is exactly what has happened to many women after using this drug.

It turns out that the drug manufacturers, Sanofi-Aventis, were aware of the possibility of permanent hair loss, but they failed to fully disclose that side effect to the public.

Have you suffered from permanent hair loss (often referred to as alopecia) after taking the breast cancer medication Taxotere?  Then a dangerous drug attorney from Arentz Law Group P.C. wants to speak with you right away.  Simply call 1-800-305-6000 (or fill out the contact form on this page) to find out if you are eligible for substantial compensation.


Can Women Suffer from Hair Loss?

Most of the time hair loss is considered a problem that plagues men as they grow old.  But that is not always the case.  Male pattern baldness, the technical term when a man is going bald due to age, is much more common than female pattern baldness.  But that is not what is being discussed when we talk about Taxotere causing women to go bald.

Taxotere is a drug often used in conjunction with other chemotherapy medications.  This drug claimed that temporary hair loss was a side effect, but the idea was that after discontinuing use of the drug would mean that the hair grew back.  For many women, the hair never grew back.  This permanent hair loss, or alopecia, meant that they no longer had hair on their heads, no eyebrows, no eyelashes, and no body hair at all.  This disfigurement causes emotional distress, and the drug manufacturers need to be held liable for the damages that they have caused to many women.

Have you used Taxotere?  After discontinuing the drug were you left permanently without hair?  Then you need to make sure that Sanofi-Aventis are held accountable for their dangerous medication!  Contact a Taxotere attorney at 1-800-305-6000 to learn more about how you can file a Taxotere lawsuit.


My Chemotherapy Drug Caused My Hair to Fall Out

When you are hit with the news that you have cancer, your emotions are set on edge.  You wonder how everything will turn out, or if you will even survive the ordeal.  Fortunately modern medicine is getting better at wiping out cancer.

There are a few different options for battling cancer.  You and your doctor may decide that chemotherapy is the best course of action, and you will start taking a drug regimen.  While there are many different drugs out there, some are more appealing than others.

For instance, Taxotere has become the drug of choice for many women that are suffering from breast cancer for one big reason.  Instead of needing weekly shots to help fight the cancer, they can go in for shots every 3 weeks.

Now it is common knowledge that most people lose their hair when they start chemotherapy.  It’s a small price to pay if it means destroying the disease that would otherwise take your life.  However, most people know that after the chemotherapy is done, and the cancer has been wiped out, the hair should grow back.  It might take a little while, but eventually the hair will return to its pre-cancer state.

But that’s not the case for many of those who have taken Taxotere.  This drug has been known to cause hair to fall out, and never re-grow.  To make matters worse, this isn’t a rare occurrence.  A study that spanned a series of several years found that in nearly 10% of those taking this drug permanent hair loss, called alopecia, was a side effect.

Sanofi-Aventis knew about this serious side effect, yet never warned the public or health care providers about the risk.  The result is that thousands of women are now permanently disfigured.

Was your cancer treated with Taxotere, and now you’re suffering from alopecia?  You don’t have to suffer alone!  Call 1-800-305-6000 to speak with an attorney from Arentz Law about how you can help to raise awareness about this drug, and how you can seek compensation.


Are there Treatments for Alopecia?

Someone that is suffering from alopecia is unable to grow hair on their body.  There are varying levels of the condition, from mild and patchy, to completely hairless.  While many people who suffer from the condition have been hairless from birth, many others have only recently been pushed into those who suffer because they took Taxotere and were the victim of permanent hair loss.

Those who lose their hair have one question: is hair loss permanent?  The short answer: yes.  The long answer: there are steps that can be taken to encourage hair growth.

Naturally occurring hair loss is one of life’s mysteries.  It is generally due to genetics, and for the most part those who are losing their hair simply have to deal with it.  But hair loss that is the result of taking Taxotere is a different story.  This isn’t naturally occurring, and if you suffer from alopecia because you used this dangerous medication, you want to re-grow that hair!

At this point there are no FDA approved medications that will treat alopecia.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t have options.  Some people have found relief with corticosteroid injections.  This steroid helps to stimulate hair growth.  Others have used minoxidil (a hair growth cream) or anthralin (a cream generally used to treat psoriasis).  There are a variety of herbal supplements on the market that are designed to help people grow their hair back after it has fallen out.  But none of these options have been proven to work consistently.

Most people that suffer from alopecia have one option that works every time.  They have a high quality wig crafted (ideally from their own hair).  It’s not the most desirable solution, but it does hide the hair loss.

Your cancer was treated with Taxotere, and now you are suffering from permanent hair loss.  You may feel discouraged and without hope, but there is one small remedy.  You can file a lawsuit against the manufacturers of this drug for failing to warn you about the risk of permanent hair loss.  While the lawsuit won’t re-grow your hair, it will help take one of the stressors off your plate, and allow you to get treatment, counseling, and purchase a high quality wig without money worries.

Call a Taxotere attorney at Arentz Law at 1-800-305-6000 today to discuss your lawsuit against Sanofi-Aventis.


Is Hair Loss from Chemotherapy Reversible?

When you go through chemotherapy, you experience a number of different side effects.  One of those side effects is hair loss.  What we have to do is differentiate between temporary hair loss, and permanent hair loss.

Many chemotherapy drugs cause temporary hair loss.  Because of the way these drugs react with the body, you will lose most or all of the hair not just on your head, but also your face and the rest of your body.  When the chemotherapy treatments are over, the hair will generally grow back.  Eventually you won’t even be able to tell that your hair fell out.

The chemotherapy drug Taxotere, however, is a little different.  The drug is mostly used to help women who are fighting breast cancer win the battle.  This drug can cause hair to fall out the same way other drugs do.  The big difference, however, is that with nearly 10% of the women that experience hair loss, that hair doesn’t grow back after the treatment is stopped.

Many people who wonder if hair loss due to chemotherapy is reversible won’t have to worry.  Their body will naturally re-grow the hair that fell out during the treatment.  However, those that lost their hair after using the drug Taxotere may suffer from permanent hair loss called alopecia.

If you were prescribed Taxotere to help fight against breast cancer, and you have suffered from permanent hair loss, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the drug manufacturers.  Your lawsuit will help to raise awareness that this drug is not safe, and it will help you offset financial burdens that are the result of your alopecia.  Contact a dangerous drug attorney from Arentz Law Group by calling 1-800-305-6000 to get started today.


Can I Sue Because Taxotere Caused Hair Loss?

After being diagnosed with cancer, you have some options for treatment.  Often that treatment includes taking chemotherapy medications.  Many of those medications will result in hair loss.  It is an unfortunate side effect of the drug, and one that can’t be prevented.

However, most of the time your hair will return after you finish with the chemotherapy treatment.  As the drugs leave your body, hair growth will start again, and you will return to your pre-chemotherapy state.

You may be wondering, “What if my hair never grows back after using Taxotere for chemotherapy treatments?”  You have a legitimate concern.  It turns out that even though Taxotere has been on the market since 1996, the drug company never fully warned the public that there is a significant risk of permanent hair loss.

The manufacturers of Taxotere, Sanofi-Aventis, made billions of dollars off of this drug.  And there is reason to believe that they knew of the risk of permanent hair loss, but failed to disclose it.  As a result, thousands of women every year lose their hair with no hope of growing it back.  They now suffer from alopecia, and have emotional battles they must face each day because of their disfigurement.

Have you used Taxotere, and you now suffer from Alopecia?  You most likely can sue and may be entitled to a substantial settlement.  Your first step is to call an attorney at Arentz Law Group at 1-800-305-6000.


Why You Need to File a Taxotere Lawsuit

When you are diagnosed with cancer, you have a lot of battles that you need to fight.  You have to come to terms with the diagnosis, work with your doctor to figure out a treatment plan, fight the disease and the side effects of the chemotherapy drugs, and then, after the cancer has been eliminated, you have to strengthen your body back to its pre-cancer state.  When your cancer medication ends up causing more problems, you shouldn’t have to suffer through it.

Studies have shown that up to 10% of women that use Taxotere, a chemotherapy drug, suffer from permanent hair loss.  This form of alopecia is irreversible, and the disfigurement can cause years of emotional distress.  The drug is primarily used with women who are battling breast cancer.  The cancer may be gone, but they have a permanent physical reminder.

Depending on the individual, there may not be substantial monetary damages after taking the drug.  So you may thing, “Do I need to file a Taxotere lawsuit?”  You feel it may be best to just leave it alone and get on with your life.  You invest some money into wigs, and take care of your permanent baldness that way.

A monetary settlement isn’t all that will happen with your Taxotere lawsuit!  Too often drug companies brush right over some of the severe side effects in an effort to make more money on the drug.  The result is that people are hurt.  Some dangerous drugs can cause death, some cause permanent disfigurement, and in all cases, no matter how they hurt the patient, the end result is emotional trauma for the patient and their family.

When you file your Taxotere lawsuit, you raise awareness that these drug companies are trying to get away with hurting the general public.  They brush over some of the negative side effects in an effort to sell more of their drug.  Your pain and suffering lines their pockets.  Your lawsuit will help raise awareness of this issue, and help to reduce the number of dangerous drugs that end up making it to market.

If you don’t want to file a lawsuit to collect monetary damages, file your Taxotere lawsuit to help those who do need monetary assistance.  File your Taxotere lawsuit as your way of saying, “Enough is enough!”

Call a Taxotere lawyer at 1-800-305-6000 to start the process of telling Sanofi-Aventis that you won’t stand for their negligence.


Call Arentz Law Group P.C. Regarding Your Taxotere Lawsuit

Taxotere hit the market in 1996.  It was originally designed as a medication to help those that were battling breast cancer.  All medications have side effects, and chemotherapy medications tend to have even more severe side effects than others.  One of which is well known: hair loss.

As the popularity of the drug expanded, it is now used to treat those suffering from gastric cancer, prostate cancer, head and neck cancer, and a few others, the side effects became more and more well known.  What was warned as “temporary hair loss” wasn’t actually temporary.

Taxotere alopecia, or the permanent hair loss due to taking the medication Taxotere, has been known by the drug manufacturer all along.  In fact, Sanofi-Aventis’s own studies show that 3% of patients treated with the drug suffer from permanent hair loss.  Further studies showed that the number was closer to 6%, and even further studies showed that it was more like 10% that would suffer permanent hair loss after being treated with Taxotere.

Hair loss, while physically isn’t harmful, plays a huge role in self-worth.  Without hair women (and men to a certain extent) are looked down upon.  This creates emotional scarring, and can lead to serious depression and other issues.  These issues could all have been avoided if the patients were fully warned about the risk of permanent Taxotere Alopecia (there are alternative medications that don’t have the risk of permanent hair loss).

Have you survived your battle with cancer?  You are excited to have a new lease on life and ready to take on the world!  But after a few months you have noticed that your hair is not growing back.  You don’t have to suffer and worry about your alopecia.  You can hold Sanofi-Aventis accountable for the damage that they have caused.

File your Taxotere lawsuit today.  Your permanent baldness won’t go away, but you will take away some of the worries associated with losing your hair after winning you battle with cancer.  Highly trained attorneys are ready to discuss your case, all you have to do is call 1-800-305-6000, or fill out the contact form on this page.


Dangerous drug attorneys with Arentz Law Group P.C. are located in Southern California.  They are fully licensed to work with clients in all 50 states.  No matter where you live, if you have been harmed by Taxotere or another dangerous drug, all you have to do is get in touch to receive the compensation that you deserve!

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