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Were You or a Woman You Love Diagnosed with Cancer after a Hysterectomy Myomectomy or Uterine Fibroid Surgery?

Power Morcellators Used During Hysterectomy, Myomectomy, or Uterine Fibroid Surgery Have Been Found to Spread Cancer

Johnson & Johnson Morcellation Devices

Johnson & Johnson is the world’s largest medical device manufacturer, with total revenues over nearly $30 billion annually.  While the company is huge, and has many different aspects that make up this revenue, a good portion of its sales came from selling power morcellators through its medical device subsidiary Ethicon.

In late 2012, a study was published on the PLOS ONE website that showed morcellators may not be as safe as they were once thought.  This study showed the risk of spreading cancer was actually 9 times higher than previously stated.  This spurred an investigation by the FDA, who in April, 2014 issued a warning that discouraged the use of morcellators.  A direct result was that Johnson & Johnson halted all sales of their three devices until “their role is better understood and redefined by the medical community.”  The company has no plans to recall devices already on shelves in hospitals across the country.

Morcellator Lawsuits

There have already been a number of suits filed against the companies that manufacture these devices.  The belief is that the manufacturers knew of the dangers, yet failed to warn their clients that the use of such a device could increase the risk of the cancer spreading.

The cases all allege that the manufacturing companies knew the risks, yet failed to warn of them.  The risks are so bad, in fact, that the FDA has recently announced that they discourage the use of morcellators, since 1 in 350 women has undiagnosed cancer that could spread during the morcellation process

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