Burn Injury Lawyers

Burn Injury Lawyers

The burn injury lawyers at Arentz Law Group, P.C. understand that burn injuries are some of the most painful injuries a person can suffer, and we have seen first-hand the physical, emotional, and financial scars that a burn injury can inflict.  According to the American Burn Association, more than 1 million Americans suffer a burn injury every year, and roughly 4,500 of those victims die from their injuries. Tragically, in most cases, a burn injury is caused by negligence.  If you or someone you love has suffered a burn injury and you believe another party is to blame, you could be entitled to substantial compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.  A burn injury lawyer from our firm is ready to review your claim in a free legal consultation.

Types of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are categoriezed by degrees, according to the severity of the injury.  A first degree burn is the least severe and normally does not require medical attention.  The most severe burn is the fourth degree burn, which reaches muscle, tendon, ligament, or bone and may lead to amputation or even fatality.

There are a number of different types of burn injuries:

  • Thermal Burns: This is the most common type of burn, and is caused by exposure to severe heat.  A thermal burn can be caused by fire, steam, hot water, hot metal, or a number of other factors.
  • Radiation Burns: A radiation burn is caused by exposure to nuclear radiation or ultraviolet light.  A tanning bed is an example of a source of ultraviolet light that could lead to a burn injury.
  • Chemical Burns: Chemical burns are caused when a person is exposed to caustic chemicals such as an acid.
  • Electrical Burns: When high voltage passes through a person’s body, he or she has suffered an electrical burn.  These burns usually leave a severe exit wound.
  • Inhalation Injuries: A person can suffer burns to his or her respiratory system if he or she breathes a toxic gas or fumes from a fire or chemical.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered as a result of another party’s willful acts or negligence, you may be entitled to significant compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.  Our personal injury lawyers have built successful cases on a broad range of claims, helping our clients recover just compensation for damages such as pain and suffering, medical bills, pharmaceutical and therapeutic costs, lost wages, and loss of support, among others.

We understand that no amount of money can make up for your breached trust, compromised health, or the loss of a loved one.  Still, compensation awarded in a personal injury lawsuit can help alleviate financial burdens and let you focus on healing and moving on with your life.  To learn more about our personal injury lawyers, contact Arentz Law Group, P.C. today to schedule a free and confidential legal consultation.

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