Essure Permanent Birth Control Coil Leads to Pregnancy and Injury

Serious Side Effects Result from Unsafe Essure Coil

How does the Essure Coil Work?

Can I get Pregnant after Having an Essure Coil Implanted?

I Have a Coil Implanted, but I am Constantly Bleeding

Can an Essure Coil Cause Infection?

What Happens if my Essure Coil Breaks?

Can I file a Lawsuit over my Permanent Birth Control?

Can I Sue to Cover Hospital Expenses Because of Permanent Birth Control?

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Serious Side Effects Result from Unsafe Essure Coil

For many years women have sought a way to reduce their menstrual cycles, and prevent unwanted pregnancy.  In the 1950’s it looked like there was a solution, and by 1960 the first birth controls hit the market.  But taking a pill every day is cumbersome, and forgetting one pill can negate the effects of the drug.  IUD devices were invented and surgical procedures called tubal ligation (commonly known as having the tubes tied) were created as means of semi-permanent and permanent birth control.

In 2002 a less invasive form of permanent birth control was invented.  Having your tubes tied is considered an invasive surgery, and the recovery times are long.  The drug manufacturer Bayer created the Essure Coil: a permanent form of birth control that is implanted in the fallopian tubes without the need for surgery.  The problem is that it doesn’t work quite like it should.

The Essure Coil has a whole host of problems associated with it including uncontrollable bleeding, pelvic pain, device migration, and unwanted pregnancy.

Have you suffered severe injury or unwanted pregnancy after being implanted with the Essure Coil?  Attorneys from Arentz Law Group P.C. want to speak with you!  The only way to ensure that the manufacturers of dangerous devices are held accountable is if you speak up.  Call us today at 1-800-305-6000 for your free consultation; or fill out the contact form on this page.


How does the Essure Coil Work?

Permanent birth control is that which can never be reversed.  This means it’s not done with a medication, nor is it done with an IUD.  Instead, women who opt to undergo permanent birth control procedures have just a couple of choices.  They can have their tubes tied, or they can have a coil implanted.

The Essure permanent birth control coil has been available since 2002.  It’s a small device that is implanted in the fallopian tubes.  After adhering it to the tissue, it is left in place and the body naturally grows around it.  This excess growth causes the tubes to be blocked, and any sperm entering the body cannot find their way to the ovaries.

The concept is remarkable.  There is no surgery, minor soreness after implantation, and Bayer claims that the coil is nearly 100% effective.  In reality, however, these medical devices are not as remarkable as many people have been led to believe.  Instead, there is a host of complication that can occur, some of which may end up being deadly.   To top it all off, those who have had the coil implanted may still become pregnant; even long after the waiting period is over.

Have you been implanted with an Essure Coil and have you suffered from severe side effects?  Then the Essure attorneys with Arentz Law want to speak with you!  Your voice will help Bayer know it is not okay to mislead the public, it will help raise awareness of the dangers of this device, and you may be able to receive compensation for expenses and suffering.  Call 1-800-305-6000 to schedule your free consultation.


Can I get Pregnant after Having an Essure Coil Implanted?

The Essure Coil was designed as a form of permanent birth control.  This varies from taking a birth control pill, which is considered temporary, and a dangerous intrauterine device, which is considered semi-permanent.  The idea for the coil was to provide a minimally invasive alternative to having your tubes tied.

As with all birth controls, many women wonder, “can I get pregnant with an Essure Coil?”  The short answer, yes, pregnancy is still very much an issue.

A study published in Conception Journal back in 2014 shows evidence that is quite clear.  For every 1,000 people it is expected that after one year 57 of them will become pregnant.  That’s 5.7% of those using the device (and research suggests that number is actually moving closer to 10%).

Wait, you wonder, “How can I get pregnant if I have a sterilization device implanted?”  The reality is fairly simple.  The device relies on the tissue in your fallopian tubes to grow around the implantation.  The result is that there is a permanent and complete blockage so any sperm working their way toward the ovaries simply cannot pass.

In theory the device works as intended.  In reality the growth may not actually completely block off the tubes, or it may take much longer than anticipated to completely block the ovaries.  As a result, you can become pregnant after having an Essure Coil implanted.

Bayer hails their device as nearly 100% effective.  But the studies show a drastically different conclusion.  Have you experienced an unwanted pregnancy with an Essure Coil?  We all know that along with pregnancy come a lot of medical bills, something you may not be prepared to deal with.  Call an Essure attorney with Arentz Law today to discuss whether you are eligible to receive compensation at 1-800-305-6000.


I Have a Coil Implanted, but I am Constantly Bleeding

When you have an Essure Coil implanted, the idea is to stop the sperm from reaching the egg and fertilizing it.  When you had the coil put in your doctor should have explained that there will be little to no effect on your period cycle.  So why are you bleeding, even in between periods?

When the coil is implanted, it adheres to the wall of the fallopian tube (two coils, one for each tube).  The tissue then grows around the coil, and causes blockage so that the sperm cannot pass.  However, the implantation doesn’t always go as planned.  In fact, there are many cases where the coil causes damage to the tubes themselves that cannot fully heal.  The result is that you suffer from bleeding even when you are outside of your menstrual cycle and should not be bleeding.

This consistent bleeding that is not related to your cycle is one of the many side effects of the Essure Coil that Bayer failed to warn the public about.  The result is that innocent people, like yourself, suffer while Bayer profits millions of dollars.

Are you using an Essure Coil and bleeding doesn’t stop after your period is over?  Then you may be eligible to collect compensation!  Call 1-800-305-6000 to discuss your potential case with an Essure attorney from Arentz Law.


Can an Essure Coil Cause Infection?

The coil is made from stainless steel, nickel titanium, and polyethylene fibers.  There are no hormones involved, so the device can be touted as a hormone free form of birth control.  Bayer also claims that it is the only permanent form of birth control that can be performed without anesthesia.  What Bayer doesn’t do, however, is warn of the possibility of some dangerous side effects.

After the device is implanted in the fallopian tubes, the body recognizes it as a foreign object and attempts to get rid of it.  In theory this goes smoothly and since it can’t be expelled, it is covered over.  In reality, however, the process isn’t nearly so smooth and the area can become inflamed, irritated, and infected.

That infection can lead to many other problems in the body.  It can cause stomach and pelvic discomfort, and in some cases women have become drastically ill because of the infection.  To make matter worse, your coil cannot be removed.  The doctor must perform a hysterectomy to clear things up; a procedure that can have serious long term effects (especially if a power morcelator is used).

If you’re experiencing pain, and wondering if your Essure Coil can cause infection, then the answer is yes.  You need to be checked out by a doctor to determine what the appropriate steps are.  If you have suffered already, and you have incurred medical expenses due to complications with your Essure implantation, contact us today!  Your lawsuit against Bayer can help raise awareness that this device is not safe.  Call 1-800-305-6000 to speak with an attorney and begin your free consultation.


What Happens if my Essure Coil Breaks?

Essure Coils are made out of flexible components so that they can be properly inserted.  They are designed to bend and flex so that they can be fitted into the fallopian tubes, and they will adjust with your movements.  This helps to reduce discomfort and adapt to different body shapes.  But they aren’t fail-proof.

There have been instances where the coil has broken.  The result is that the coil shifts and migrates, and the sharp edges can poke holes and create tears in your tubes or uterus.  If your coil breaks, you will notice extreme discomfort in your pelvic region.  But there could be further complications.

If the coil was recently inserted, the doctor may be able to remove it.  However, if your coil has been in place for quite some time, the body has begun the process of growing over it.  Removal is dangerous and basically impossible.  If this is the case, a hysterectomy is the only way to remedy the problem.

Before the coil can be removed, a broken device will cause pain and discomfort.  Something you shouldn’t have to live with.  Further pain and discomfort is caused when you have to undergo surgery in order to remove the pieces of coil.  Meanwhile, Bayer is making millions of dollars because they never warned you about the possibility that you may end up having a hysterectomy because of complications.

Are you ready to be compensated for your pain and suffering?  Are you ready to help hundreds of thousands of women understand that this device is not entirely safe?  Then you need to call an attorney from Arentz Law today at 1-800-305-6000.


Can I file a Lawsuit over my Permanent Birth Control?

Before the early 2000’s there was really only one method of permanent birth control.  That method was to undergo tubal litigation.  That’s just a fancy way of saying, “having your tubes tied.”  This method involves surgery, and can have a lengthy and painful recovery period.

In 2002 a method was invented that was minimally invasive.  In fact, there is no anesthesia even involved and you can be in and out in a short period of time (as little as a 10 minute office visit).  On the surface the Essure Permanent Birth Control seems like a great deal.  Unfortunately it’s not that simple.

The Essure Coil can come with a long list of dangerous, perhaps even deadly, side effects.  A misplaced device can cause cramping, hemorrhaging, blood clots, infection, pelvic pain, or breakage.  This is not even to mention that the device isn’t even 100% effective.  While Bayer claims that it is close, studies have shown that it’s less than 95% effective.  And further studies show that it could be even less than 90% effective.

So can you file a lawsuit over your permanent birth control?  If you have had an Essure Coil implanted, and you have suffered from one or more of these serious side effects, then you need to speak with an attorney from Arentz Law.  There is a good chance that you are eligible for substantial compensation.  Call us today at 1-800-305-3600 for your free consultation.


Can I Sue to Cover Hospital Expenses Because of Permanent Birth Control?

Permanent birth control is a choice that hundreds of thousands of women make every single year.  They are done having children, or they have decided that children are not in their best interest.  The idea is that they want a method to prevent unwanted pregnancy that is irreversible and substantially more effective than taking the pill.  The Essure Coil is a form of permanent birth control that is implanted into over 350,000 women each year.  And many of those women suffer from painful and debilitating side effects.

If you’re wondering whether or not you can sue to cover hospital expenses, the answer is: maybe.  For many women, the coil is implanted and works as it is supposed to.  This is what the manufacturer Bayer was hoping for, and they took the risk that those who had serious side effects would be relatively few.  The problem is that too many of these drug and medical device companies try to increase their profits by causing harm to patients.

After having your Essure Coil implanted, there are a number of outcomes that you were likely not warned about.

  • Did you know that there is a 5-10% chance that you will still become pregnant, even when Bayer claims nearly 100% effectiveness?
  • Did you know the coil may migrate, or move from its intended location? This movement can poke holes in the walls of the fallopian tubes, or tear the uterus wall.
  • Did you know that the device can break, cause infection, and have effects that range far beyond the pelvic region?

There are even reports of hair loss and neurological disorders as a result of having the Essure Coil implanted.

In answer to the question of whether or not you can sue in order to cover hospital expenses, the answer depends on what those expenses were from.  If they were the result of your coil not working the way it was supposed to, then there is a high probability that you can sue and be awarded substantial compensation.

Ready to make sure that other people are not hurt by Bayer’s failure to warn about their devices?  Ready to receive compensation for your hospital bills?  Call an Essure attorney with Arentz Law at 1-800-305-6000 to get started.


Let Arentz Law Group Help You Stand up for your Rights!

When some people think of dangerous drug litigation, they think it’s just a get-rich-quick idea.  They think, “How bad could it possibly be?” and wonder why a person would file a lawsuit over something that they think is frivolous.  But what many people need to understand is that the lawsuit is not just about money.

Many lawsuits in the US today are about making sure that your rights are protected.  Large corporations have a tendency to do what is in their financial interest, and often that means individuals are hurt, injured, or sometimes killed in the process.  Here at Arentz Law Group P.C. we firmly believe that is a corrupt way of doing business and our goal is to make sure that your voice is heard.  Your lawsuit isn’t just about money; it’s about keeping these corporations in check.

Have you suffered because your implanted permanent birth control didn’t work out the way it was suppose to?  Were you led to believe that you wouldn’t have complications, and that the birth control would be 100% effective?  Have you suffered physically and been subject to hospital payments, co-payments, and other out-of-pocket expenses?  Then an Essure attorney at Arentz Law wants to help you stand up for your rights!

Call us at 1-800-305-6000 to get started on your lawsuit against Bayer and show them that you won’t just suffer at their hands; you deserve compensation!


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